The strongest form of birth control has always been my personality

Oct 28
Oct 16
Pros & Cons to dating me

Every time a male asks if I wanna hangout idk if they’re kidding or not and it all happens so fast so I just laugh nervously and they look at me like “wtf bitch, I asked if you wanted to hangout not let me impregnate you.”

Oct 15
Oct 6

Does anyone else hate one of their best friends, or am I the only one who experiences this, like they piss you off and treat you like shit but they also know too many secrets for you to get in a fight with, am I the only one who has an Alison as my bffl or wot

Oct 6

Fellas. Please, what the hell is sending a dick pic going to do for you? How does thiS BENEFIT YOU, bc when I see yo junk on my screen it makes me toss my phone across the room so nO THANK YOU

Oct 2

I just want a cool guy who be funny and likes to talk about movies and shnizz and send ugly selfies to each other without caring and send funny pictures of us doing weird stuff, like I’m not looking for a relationship or to ‘friend zone’ anyone like jeebus is a guy who will accept my ugly selfies too much to ask for idk

Oct 1

You know long distance relationships are way cute tbh. Ya they suck and people don’t prefer them but it’s a way beautiful thing and I admire people who are in a serious LDR. The love is strong and when you meet that person for the first time it’s one of the best moments of your life and LDR people don’t take each other for granted because they know how precious there time together is. So props to you guys

Sep 26
Sep 26

Nothing is more annoying than listening to a clingy girl talk about her boyfriend. And cry about how he hasn’t replied in an hour and walked into the same classroom as his ex girlfriend. Like can you not

Sep 20